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Social historian Tichi makes the case that there are widespread parallels between the excesses and inequities of the country's first Gilded Age over a century ago and the lopsided social and economic landscape of our day. In a lively spur to reform-minded discussion, Tichi offers profiles of seven Victorian-era reformers… selected for how they typified a generational commitment to “fresh thinking and action.” And their deeds—eloquently channeled here—do resound with renewed import now.
Current economic and social conditions -- growing income disparity, battles over immigration, corporate titans’ sway over political affairs--have led many contemporary critics to point out correspondences between the United States of the past two decades and the nation of the late nineteenth century’s Gilded Age. For optimists pursuing a similar analogy, the recent election of a community organizer as president, his push for health-care reform, and this summer’s minimum-wage hike recall the Progressive response to Gilded Age industrial capitalism. Cecelia Tichi trenchantly summarizes such comparisons at the beginning and end of Civic Passions. In between, her brisk profiles of seven lesser-known reformers offer more detailed continuities, reminding readers that the legacies of century-old struggles are woven deeply into the fabric of life today.

Cecelia Tichi Featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education
Check out Karen J. Winkler’s feature story in the September 14, 2009, issue Chronicle of Higher Education on Civic Passions and major milestones in Cecelia Tichi's career at:

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